Security Equipment
It’s very important to analyze and grade your security equipment according to your needs before you finalize to buy them. And considering the quality of service, customer-friendly products determine a good feature of a security system. Rapid advancement in the technology has helped us become a prestigious security equipment manufacturer. There are varieties to choose from hidden cameras to single cameras, suitable for front door monitoring, hidden surveillance for discrete filming. Equipped with advanced sensors, good database capabilities, and monitoring efficiency, it has become easier to provide high level of safety to homes and offices, with our range.

Salient Features:
  • There are varieties of safety equipment to choose from, as per the need.
  • High in resolution and excellent night vision ensures clear picture and higher accuracy.
  • The area covered by security lens varies according to space and is adjustable with different levels of light.
  • Integrated infrared LED technology, which benefits in low light for a clear vision
CCTV Camera
The video cameras that transmit signal to a specific place and specific set of monitors is known as Closed-circuit television (CCTV) or video surveillance. Video surveillance has become integral part of almost all the sector such as banks, casinos, airport, military installation and convenience store. Apart from this, it is extensively used in industrial plants to monitor the process. A new kind of decentralized IP camera is equipped with megapixel sensors support directly to network attached storage. Our products are designed meeting the set global standards, along with quality management team constantly abreast with new technologies in the market. With the years long experience in the field, validated with vast area of expertise in engineering, manufacturing and R&D, we have emerged as leading suppliers of CCTV Camera and surveillance products.

Salient Features:

  • CCTV has become integral part of today in both home and commercial appliances.
  • Video surveillance transmit signal to specific place and on specific monitors attached to it.
  • Integrated with megapixel sensors, which are helpful in direct supporting of attached storage in the network
  • Designed meeting the set global standards, validated with vast area of expertise in engineering, manufacturing and R&D.
Standalone DVR
If you are planning to use CCTV cameras for your home security system, you need to buy our standalone DVR as well. We offer this very useful device for standard home or office. It is available with embedded software systems, which doesn't require regular software updates. It requires two to four security cameras for monitoring the outdoor area while stocking the pictures into your home or office. The advantage of buying a standalone system for home security is its cost effectiveness and low in maintenance. Available in 4, 8, 16, 32 channels configuration along with various sizes with huge range of utilities and functions. Our range A reliable devise offering tremendous support in securing your home or commercial spaces is definitely value for money.

Key Features:
  • Standalone DVR is tried and tested technology and has proven track record over many years.
  • A cost effective devise as compared toothier PC-based units.
  • Easy in maintenance and can feed your security video with a TV output.
  • These units are quieter and smaller in size is easier to cover up.

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